Community Engagement


Community Engagement at York University

The release of the University's White Paper, Building a More Engaged University: Strategic Directions for York University 2010-2020 re-affirms York's strengths by positioning engagement as a unifying theme for the University and sets forth a bold vision for York as a leading engaged university.  With a strong foundation in liberal arts and professional studies education and unparalleled capacity for fostering interdisciplinary research and learning, York has been at the forefront of educating students who bring creativity, innovation and a deep sense of social/civic responsibility to tackling the social, cultural, scientific and economic challenges of an ever-changing world.

President's Task Force on Community Engagement

The President's Task Force on Community Engagement engaged in deliberations leading to an understanding of what it meant to be an "engaged university". The Task Force placed special emphasis on understanding community-university engagement as it was consistent with York's institutional mission, identity, and commitment, and developing means of measuring engagement within the activities of the University, including but not limited to, teaching/learning, research, and service.

The work of the Task Force culminated in a Final Report that summarized the findings of internal and external consultations, deliberations of the Task Force and provided recommendations for the University as it moves forward as an engaged university.

York University-TD Community Engagement Centre

The York University-TD Community Engagement Centre supports the University's commitment to build a more engaged university by facilitating mutually-beneficial collaborations between York University and the Black Creek community.

The CEC is a pan-university resource centre situated in the Black Creek community that:

  1. Fosters academic innovation in teaching and learning through community engaged pedagogy and experiential education opportunities,
  2. Supports post-secondary educational attainment among community residents and the development of academic pathway, and
  3. Enhances capacity of York faculty/students and community partners to work collaboratively on community-based research.

Knowledge Mobilization Unit

York University is a recognized leader in Knowledge Mobilization (KM) in Canada and internationally. KM is a suite of activities that enhances the two-way connection between researchers and research users. KM provides services to maximize the impact of research and employs dedicated knowledge brokers to support:

  • Researchers in all disciplines by matching them with an organization to enable the impact of their work on policy or professional practice, and
  • External organizations in seeking research expertise and collaboration from York.