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Alumni Cards

Alumni Cards

Q. How can I get my alumni card?

A. Get access with the York alumni card. Apply here for your free card. This card is your way to access special alumni events and Perks. Read our privacy policy.

Alumni Events

Alumni Events

Q. Where can I find more information about upcoming events?

A. All of our events can be found using our event calendar.

Q. How do I register for an event?

A. You can register through the event section. Simply select the event you'd like to attend and complete the registration form.

Class Notes

Class Notes

Q. What are Class Notes?

A. Class Notes are personal or professional news you'd like to share with other grads. They are included in each printed and online issue of YorkU magazine.

Q. How can I submit a Class Note?

A. You can submit a Class Note by filling out this form.

Email Account

Email Account

Q. Does YorkU provide alumni with email for life?

A. After careful consultation with students and alumni, it has been determined that a York University email account is not a valuable service to new graduates and alumni. Consequently, the alumni email service is being discontinued as of winter 2018-2019.

Your Google Apps at York student account (YourUsername@my.yorku.ca) will remain active and accessible to you through Passport York until mid-October of the year you graduate or for as long as records reflect you as an active student with the Registrar’s Office. You will be given notice and provided ample time to forward yourself important emails, and make contacts aware of this change.

For more information about computing accounts and Google Apps at York, visit lifecycle of computing accounts.  

Juris Doctor (JD) Status Change for Osgoode Grads

Juris Doctor (JD) Status Change for Osgoode Grads

Q. What is the Juris Doctor (JD) designation?

A. Effective June 2009, the bachelor of laws (LLB) degree designation was renamed to a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Alumni who received an LLB degree may elect to change their designation to a JD degree.
Alumni who elect to change their degree designation can expect the following:
• a notation will be added to your academic record and transcript that the degree was renamed
• a new diploma with the JD designation will be issued to you using the diploma design and layout currently in effect
• receive your replacement diploma within six to eight weeks of submitting the change form
• alumni who graduated prior to 1994 should anticipate a longer turnaround of up to 12 weeks

Please note: during University closures and peak times such as examination periods and convocation, processing times increase. Questions regarding your application should be sent to diplomas@yorku.ca.

Q. I'm graduating this year, do I need to apply for the JD designation?

A. No, your degree will reflect the change to the JD designation.

Q. I graduated prior to 2009, what do I need to do to apply for JD designation?

A. Complete and submit a request for a JD Diploma for LLB Alumni (PDF) form by fax. Mailed request forms and cheques cannot be accepted. Completed forms (including credit card information) should be faxed to one of the following numbers: 416-650-8409 if you graduated in or before 1993, 416-650-8466 if you graduated in or after 1994.

Q. Does it cost anything to change to the JD designation?

A. Yes, there is an $80 fee.
To receive your JD diploma you may either choose to pick it up during operating hours at Student Client Services or have it mailed to you. If you want to pick up your diploma, please ensure you have photo identification with you. If you choose to have it mailed, mailing charges are:
$25 Canada
$40 United States
$75 International

All diplomas sent by courier service require a signature by the receiving party. Diplomas that are returned to the University as undeliverable will be filed and held until the following December or July (whichever is sooner). It is the graduate's responsibility to pay for another mailing for any diplomas that are returned, so please ensure your current address is correct.

Passport York

Passport York

Q. What is it and what does it do?

A. Passport York is York's primary method of online authentication. You can use your Passport York username and password to log into York's online services and tools like downloading tax forms and ordering transcripts.

Q. Forgot your password or username?

A. Visit Passport York for information on how to reset your password or username.

Q. New to Passport York?

A. Learn more about Passport York.

Records Update & Communications Preference

Records Update & Communications Preference

Q. How can I update my information with you?

A. You can fill out this form or call us at 416-650-8159 (toll free 1-866-876-2228).

Q. How can I change the way you communicate with me?

A. You can customize what you'd like to receive or call us at 416-650-8159 (toll free 1-866-876-2228).

Returning Grads/Students

Returning Grads/Students

Q. I've completed my degree and want to take a non-degree program. How do I go about doing that?

A. You will have to fill out the request for non-degree status (PDF) to enroll in undergraduate courses and fax it to the Registrar's Office at 416-736-5444. For more information, visit the Registrar's Office website.

Q. How do I enroll for courses to complete a certificate?

A. You will have to re-apply through the Admissions Office as a visiting student.

Q. How do I reactivate my undergraduate standing?

A. If you are returning to the same Faculty, you need to complete the undergraduate reactivation form (PDF), then fax the form to the Faculty to which you are applying.
If you attended another postsecondary institution, you will need to apply for readmission to York at the Admissions Office.

Q. How can I transfer to a different faculty?

A. You will need to complete the Change My Program request (PDF) and send it to the Office of the Registrar. For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

Tax Forms

Tax Forms

Q. Where can I find my tuition tax receipt (Tax Form T220A)?

A. The T220A tax form is only found online.

Q. When are they available to print?

A. The T220A tax form is usually available in late January or early February.

Q. When will my T4A and/or T4 slips be mailed to me?

A. These tax forms are usually mailed out by Feb. 28.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Please e-mail Student Financial Services.

Transcripts, Diplomas & Convocation

Transcripts, Diplomas & Convocation

Q. Where can I get a copy of my transcript?

A. You can order your transcript with the Office of the Registrar.

Q. Where can I get my diploma (original, replacement or certified copy)?

A. You can go to the Diploma Services' website or send them an mail at diplomas@yorku.ca.

Q. Where can I find more information regarding convocation?

A. You can visit the Convocation website for information regarding tickets, ceremony schedules and convocation-related items.