United Way Campaign

Congratulations York U!

The York Cares 2016 United Way Campaign raised an incredible $184,608 on behalf of the United Way Toronto and York Region.

This funding will go towards supporting individuals and families across the city of Toronto and York Region. We should all be very proud to have made such a sizeable contribution to the welfare of our communities.

Way to go!

We are currently looking for 2017 York Cares committee members. It's a fun opportunity to get involved and learn more about the United Way.

Please contact Mandi Hickman, Senior Advancement Officer at ext. 77529 or via email at ahickman@yorku.ca to sign up today!

About the United Way Toronto and York Region

United Way is a worldwide not-for-profit movement. In Canada, it operates in more than 100 communities. Each United Way raises support locally, directly responding to the needs of the community. Each is governed by an autonomous Board of Directors that, along with staff and volunteers, helps to build a caring community.

As the largest private-sector supporter of social services in Toronto, the United Way Toronto and York Region is dedicated to creating the opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future. Their work is fueled by groundbreaking research and powerful partnerships, which allow them to identify gaps and responsibly mobilize volunteer and financial resources for the most direct impact: effecting positive and lasting change, right here where we all live, work and raise our families.

Helping Kids Be All They Can Be

Learn about the impact the United Way is making in the Jane-Finch community.

Hear about how YouthLink, an innovative counselling centre for young people struggling with mental health gave 19-year old Parker the chance to smile again.

At 19, Maimoona was homeless. She left home after being abused. United Way helped her find a home – and a more promising future.

President's Pancake Breakfast

President's Pancake BreakfastGet a sweet start to your morning. Join us on Wednesday Nov. 2 from 8am - 10am for the annual President's Pancake Breakfast and launch of the York Cares United Way Campaign!

For only a twoonie you can purchase two delicious pancakes flipped by our President, Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri and other senior Administrators at YorkU. All proceeds will go towards the York Cares United Way Campaign.

CN Tower Stair Climb

The CN Tower Climb for United Way offers you a rare chance to walk past the elevators and straight up Toronto's most famous landmark. While celebrating a tall personal feat in conquering all 1,776 steps, you'll also be making meaningful change possible for thousands of individuals and families, elevating our community as a whole.

Join us this year on Saturday October 22 for the Student Climb between 6am-10am.

Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to join.

The Student Rally, where we will show off our York spirit, will take place after the climb at 8:30am. If you register under York University before October 14, you will receive a York t-shirt and noisy noisemakers to ensure that the Red & White spirit is heard loud and proud!

So, are you ready to step up this year? Way up?

Register for the Student Climb under the “York University” team or register your own team, just be sure to indicate that York University is the “workplace to credit” and include YorkU in the team name so we can celebrate you at the top!

If you have any questions please e-mail us at yucares@yorku.ca

And don’t forget to share your pics using the hashtag  #yucares

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How to Give

Each member of the York U staff and faculty community will be emailed their own personalized electronic pledge form on Nov. 2. Please check your email inbox to find your unique giving link. Contact yucares@yorku.caif you encounter any issues, or to request a paper pledge form.


By giving to United Way, you can be assured your dollars are having an impact on the lives of many.  Here are just some examples of the impact donors make:

$70 ($2.69 per pay*) provides one homeless man with three employment-counselling sessions.

$100 ($3.85 per pay) provides a daily snack (for three weeks) for 30 children, promoting healthy eating habits.

$365 ($14.04 per pay) provides one skilled newcomer with eight hours of one-on-one employment counselling, and 15 hours of job-search training, interview-preparation and resume-building workshops, helping them find employment matching their expertise and education.

$480 ($18.46 per pay) provides a senior with a weekly visit (for one year) from a friendly, trained volunteer who encourages independent living.

$800 ($30.77 per pay) provides an opportunity for 100 neighbourhood residents to gather, identify common challenges and develop local solutions.

$900 ($34.62 per pay) provides a home-visiting service—related to parenting skills, and enhancing children’s growth and development—for a family at risk.

$1,000 ($38.46 per pay) provides an education program (on disabilities and medical conditions) for children in grades 1 to 6, helping them learn about accepting differences in themselves and others.

$1,320 ($50.77 per pay) provides 10 weeks of swim lessons to 12 children.

$2,000 ($76.92 per pay) allows three children from an underserved neighbourhood to attend a homework club two days a week (for one school year), improving their grades and enhancing self-confidence.

$3,000 ($115.38 per pay) allows at-risk youth to participate in an “Introduction to Media” course—with topics that include photojournalism, short filmmaking, music recording and opinion writing—putting them on the path to self-empowerment, informed decision-making and future employment possibilities.

*based on bi-weekly pay schedule

Become A Leadership Donor

Through the United Way of Toronto & York Region, The Mike & Martha Pedersen Challenge Grant will match up to $1 million in all new Leadership donations ($1,200 or more) and donation increases*. Which means that your donation will do twice the good!

New Donor

As a first-time Leadership donor, your gift of $1,200 or more to United Way Toronto & York Region will be matched, dollar for dollar.

Renewing Donor

As a Leadership donor increasing your gift to United Way Toronto & York Region from last year, your increase will be matched. For example, if you gave donation from $2,000 last year and $2,500 this year, the Mike & Martha Pedersen Challenge Grant will match the $500 increase.

For more information, please visit: http://www.unitedwaytyr.com/challenge-grant

*This Challenge Grant match only applies to gifts to United Way Toronto & York Region; not to gifts made to other registered charities.

How to Get Involved

Our 2016 York Cares United Way campaign is getting underway and we need your help. We're looking for positive, energetic individuals to help engage and educate their fellow YorkU staff teams by volunteering to help plan, design and execute key campaign strategies and events.

Click the button below to volunteer with this year's campaign (or email yucares@yorku.ca)!








Special Events

Want to plan an event within your faculty, department or unit to raise awareness for the campaign? Please email us at yucares@yorku.ca to let us know.

Here are suggestions for fun things you can do:

  • Silent auction
  • Group challenge games event
  • Book sale
  • Rummage sale
  • Costume contest
  • Spelling bee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give to the United Way Toronto and York Region?

The United Way creates opportunities for a better life for everyone in our communities. They initiate change by targeting the root cause of social issues in our communities. By giving to United Way, you are investing in your own community – where you live, work, learn and play. The United Way works together with local social service programs and initiatives with the goal of ensuring a strong social support network. This network of services in turn strengthens the entire community. Your contribution helps to build strong agencies, to develop partnerships to address complex social issues and to advocate on your community's behalf, so that every contribution brings as much impact as possible to the community. The YorkU community is also directly impacted by United Way and its agencies, for example through partnerships and placements via our Faculties. See United Way's list of member agencies to see if there are any you may already be supporting or have partnered with in the past.

How much of my donation goes to administrative costs?

In 2013, on average across the country, local United Ways spend 15 per cent of total revenue on fundraising and administration costs, which means that 85 cents of every dollar raised goes directly back to the community. United Ways across the country continue to strive to ensure that the funds raised are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. They rely on the generous contributions of community members and engage thousands of volunteers every year to keep costs as low as possible. More information about the United Way Toronto's administrative costs can be found by visiting http://www.unitedwaytyr.com/our-commitment-to-you?

When I give to the United Way Toronto and York Region, where does my money go?

When you give to the United Way Toronto and York Region, your money goes right back into your community to help address its key social issues and to fund local programs and initiatives. United Way Toronto and York Region's main foci are Building Strong Communities, uplifting and supporting Children and Youth, and addressing homelessness and promoting enterprise with Poverty to Possibility. Find out more about the cause here.

What agencies does the United Way Toronto and York Region fund?

United Way Toronto and York Region funds a large number of agencies. Here is a list of them all!

How do I get an official tax receipt for my donation?

If you make a one-time donation online via credit card, your tax receipt will be emailed immediately upon making your gift. If you pay by cheque you will be mailed a receipt for 2016, unless your gift is post-dated to the new year, and then your receipt will be for 2017. Payroll deduction donations will appear on your 2017 York University T4 slip since these deductions will commence in the new year.

Does the United Way Toronto and York Region fund religious organizations?

The United Way is non-partisan and non-religious. They fund primarily based on local community needs, regardless of religious affiliation. Some of the programs they fund do have religious origins, such as the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) and Jewish Family Services. However, the services and programs offered by these agencies are open to all individuals regardless of religious affiliation.

Can I top up my online donation after it has been submitted?

You will still be able to access your donation account using your personalized link and password, and may then enter and submit a subsequent donation.

How do I request a paper pledge form, and where should I mail my donation?

Please email yucares@yorku.ca to request a paper pledge form. This will be delivered to your campus address and will include a return addressed envelope to return the completed form to the Community Relations office in Division of Advancement, and will from there be delivered to United Way Toronto and York Region. If you are posting this directly to United Way offices, please ensure your form includes the location ID for York University so that your donation will be attributed to YorkU's campaign. This ID number is 1816934.

Can I still participate in York University's campaign as a retiree?

Please request a paper pledge form via email to yucares@yorku.ca as you will not have access to donate online unless you have an active York U email address.

Where can I get more information?

Contact Mandi Hickman, manager, Community Relations, by email at ahickman@yorku.ca or by phone at 416-736-2100 ext. 77529.


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